The two CDs below are from my singer-songwriter touring days in the late 1990′s and early 2000.  The Word of Mouth House Concert Tour took me all over the US, Canada and a bit of Europe.  You are welcome to download both CDs at no cost.   I do continue to write but no longer tour – being away from home nine months out of the year just doesn’t work for me.  Over the past few years I have written enough new material for a third CD but don’t know when or if that will happen.  For now, enjoy these two and let me know what you think or how the songs relate to you.  I miss the stories I heard from the audience when I was playing them live.   The woman in Alaska who had placed a child up for adoption, and cried during Another Mother, which I had written about my birth mother, for example.  That connection between what I was experiencing and writing about and the stories people then told me about their own lives was one of my favorite parts of performing.    I’ll keep posting lyrics to both these songs and new ones as I write them.  Thanks for listening.

COPPERHEAD 1997 CD   Kimberli Ransom   

  Turn it On (4.3 MiB, 1,079 hits)

  Higher Ground (5.6 MiB, 958 hits)

  Another Mother (5.4 MiB, 1,006 hits)

  Backroads (4.8 MiB, 896 hits)

  She Takes It (3.9 MiB, 866 hits)

  Caught at the Crossroads (5.5 MiB, 907 hits)

  This House (5.2 MiB, 943 hits)

  Karl (3.4 MiB, 915 hits)

  See You Again (6.0 MiB, 938 hits)

  Fears in the Fire (6.2 MiB, 962 hits)

  Almost Time (4.4 MiB, 945 hits)

LIVING WITH HER HAIR ON FIRE 2000 CD  Kimberli Ransom 

  Mortality (4.4 MiB, 967 hits)

  Tread Less Lightly (5.3 MiB, 897 hits)

  Making Sense Out of Chaos (4.5 MiB, 908 hits)

  Apology (5.2 MiB, 921 hits)

  Figment Of My Imagination (6.4 MiB, 915 hits)

  Quite Alright (3.6 MiB, 941 hits)

  Apology (5.0 MiB, 931 hits)

  Tread Less Lightly (6.6 MiB, 908 hits)

  Want You (5.0 MiB, 933 hits)