Kimberli’s career as a professional advertising and portrait photographer has evolved from 20 years experience working in the realm of commercial art. She has a deep passion for and rich understanding of the world of design.  She uses her extensive knowledge of composition to capture the beauty in all people and objects. She continuously seeks the grace in all she photographs. Kimberli believes, “A photograph doesn’t have to be complicated. There is something powerful that gets communicated in a simple image.  A portrait of a corporate executive can portray both the strength of the company and the integrity of its leadership.  A photograph of an inanimate object can evoke an emotional connection between the consumer and a product.”

Kimberli started her artistic training as a painter and musician at a young age. She studied music in Denmark before graduating with a degree in International Affairs from Lewis and Clark College. While traveling, she developed her love of photography and cultivated an ability to sincerely connect with those around her.  (Toview Kimberli’s travel photography go to Projects Page and enter password, “travel”). Her artistic focus became the visual world of shapes, color, and lighting, and she continues to interpret the world as art through her photography today.

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Comment by kostas sidiropoulos.

I enjoy your passion,your art,your writing.
Regards from Thessaloniki,Greece.


Comment by Kimberli.

Hello Kostas, thanks for taking the time to read the blog and view the images. I’ve also looked at your work and it’s great. Greece is one of my favorite countries. Thanks for sharing with me. Kimberli


Comment by Eric.

Glad you are penning again. Keep going, there’s lots more to be seen and said, in all your media and we need for you to keep bringing it life.

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