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Poetry – Hummingbird Man

September 25, 2009 by Kimberli, under Poetry, Writing.

No bigger than a hummingbird
Such rapid fluttering
What is it that set your tiny heart pounding?
Faster than mine, faster than mine
Fragile, so easily blown off course
A gust points you in another direction
One vision of red syrup sweetness
As tempting next door or around the world
Your return to my sheltered porch
Rote motion, not allegiance
Patterned migration I failed to see
A minute, an hour, a season, a lifetime
On the wing before you even left
My brightly bejeweled pitcher of glass and plastic
Hangs empty on the hook
Take it in for the winter
Turn it over and over in light and shadow
Make a few small repairs then let it sit on the shelf
When the bulbs break the soil
I’ll return it to my porch and see who flutters by

September 22, 09

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