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Poetry – Lemon Meringue Thoughts

September 24, 2009 by Kimberli, under Poetry, Writing.

The wind whips the weeping willow branches this afternoon
They snap and flicker like the rattler’s tongue
The smell of my grandmother’s house so long ago
Me dreaming I am Cinderella
The scent of lemon meringue pie mixes with willow perfume
Cattail cotton floats in the air
I turn a cartwheel, toes pointed
Muscle memory still strong after so many years
The back, however, not unlike my dreaming
Is more ridged, less flexible
Time has settled the bones in place
I know now when I am dreaming
Stretch, release, make an effort to expand
When it used to be effortless
The wind picks up again
A long strand of red hair slaps my face
I could be lifted away on this wind
The willow branches my carpet
My eyes close, I imagine the view from above
Smell the lemon pie and sticky sap
I know now when I am dreaming
Still, I scan the world below for my glass slipper

Sept 14, 09

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